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What is our objective?

Adding significant values to society through our work is our main objective. As responsible human beings, we always work for the betterment of society. We provide pieces of information to our clients through numerous mediums. As a content writing and publishing company, we provide content to our clients and publish articles by various writers on our websites. We are not the leader in the market of content writing but are highly experienced in our field. We create and sell digital content that includes a long list.

Just like other organizations we also wanted to be the market leader in the future but of course with our handwork and societal support. We aim to help people on the internet to find the best and most accurate information without any obstacles. In this manner, we are developing more websites for more regional languages. We hope to get our achievements by coworking with society.

Who are we?

We are Anglo Media House (AMH), a start-up content-writing team from West Bengal, India. We started our journey in the year 2021 with a small team of content writers. We are now a medium size team that includes not only content writers but web developers, graphics designers, and academic experts. We now also started our journey as a publishing house in 2022. We now have operated multiple websites in English and other Indian regional languages such as Hindi and Bengali. Along with publishing content, we also offered content writing and academic tutoring services to our clients.

What makes us different from others?

There are thousands of firms and individuals that provide the same services but why we are different? The value we follow differentiates us from the rest of our competitors. We strongly believe in the values and ethics of our society and follow the same. As a publishing house, we are never allowed to spread hate and abusive content. Additionally, we strongly oppose the promotion of sexual and pornography content on our platforms that can negatively impact society. Also, we believe in accuracy and that is why we always wanted to ensure to provide updated and accurate content.

About onlinewhy.com

Onlinwhy.com is a blog website, currently available in three different languages (English, Hindi, and Bengali). We published articles in different niches which is helpful for the people. For different niches, we have multiple writers (experts in their subject) in our company and also have some freelance writers who write for us. Onlinewhy.com website was started in 2022 to provide easy information in the Indian local language. Primarily we started with three main Indian languages that are English, Hindi, and Bengali, in the future, we are planning to start websites in all the main regional languages of India. For news articles, we depend on secondary sources as we have no field journalists. We cross-check every article in the news section multiple times with multiple sources before publishing so there are no chances of wrong or fake news. Also, we have some in-house financial analysts, so the articles in the finance section are reviewed and some are prepared by them.

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